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PMS | CYCLE SUPPORT | INFLAMMATION | PCOS From a TCM Perspective, 'fertility' from a TCM perspective is seen to be th...



From a TCM Perspective, 'fertility' from a TCM perspective is seen to be the homeostasis of a woman's reproductive system. Indicating smooth and regular ovulation without pain, PMS or hormonal imbalance. In TCM, 'fertility' is a rite of passage for all women, whether one wishes to conceive or not - a fertile reproductive system is vital. 

Balanced Woman tends to the liver, digestive system and emotional health to encourage a balanced female system. 

100% natural Chinese Herbal Liquid Drops, formulated by our Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Australia.

Ingredients: Man Jin Zi (Vitex Fruit), Pu Gong Yin (Dandelion), Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra), Bo He (Mint). 



Vegan & GMO Free
Australian Owned & Operated
100% Natural Ingredients
GMP Certified
INGREDIENTS: Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra)
From a TCM perspective, is astringent and calms the Shen; in turn calming the heart-mind to prepare the body for relaxed and deep sleep. Schisandra is traditionally used as a calming herb for the nervous system, and is applied for insomnia with dream disturbances and night-sweats.
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INGREDIENTS: Pu Gong Yin (Dandelion)
Traditionally used in both TCM and western herbal medicine to support the liver. The liver ensures the smooth flow of energy and blood in the body-vital for fertility. Calming the liver ensures a relaxed and tranquil nervous system. Pu Hong is also said to clear Qi stagnation in the abdomen and digestive system.
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From a Chinese Medicine perspective, Bo He is said to help with clearing wind-heat patterns which can be seen as headache, rashes and anxiety. This ingredient tends to digestive integrity where as well as supporting emotional stability.
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INGREDIENTS: Man Jin Zi (Vitex Fruit)
From a Chinese Medicine perspective, Man Jin Zi is said to scatter wind and clear wind-heat associated with the liver. In turn, aiding to reduce stiffness, headaches, and general heaviness.
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