Digestive Integrity Tincture

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BLOAT | IBS | FOOD INTOLERANCES | SIBO | GENERAL DISCOMFORT Restore the digestive system to alleviate symptoms of dig...



Restore the digestive system to alleviate symptoms of digestive exhaustion such as heartburn, gas, emotional imbalance and physical discomfort.  

'Digestive Integrity' primarily focuses on supporting the spleen.

From a TCM perspective, worry is related to the Spleen and the earth element. The Spleen is said to be responsible for transforming food into vital nutrients and transporting those nutrients to the rest of the body, ie; the Spleen ensures proper digestive function. Excessive worry and overthinking exhaust the Spleen, compromising its ability to digest food. Prolonged deficiency of the Spleen leads to an accumulation of fluids and dampness, weighing you down physically, mentally and emotionally. 

100% natural Chinese Herbal Liquid Drops, formulated by our Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Australia.

INGREDIENTS: Fu Ling (Poria), Mai Ya (Barley Sprout), Pu Gong Yin (Dandelion), Chen Pi (Aged Tangerine Peel) *CONTAINS GLUTEN



Vegan & GMO Free
Australian Owned & Operated
100% Natural Ingredients
GMP Certified
INGREDIENTS: Fu Ling (Poria)
From a TCM perspective, is said to tonify the Spleen, and drain dampness to improve digestive function. Diuretic in action - it’s said to eliminates dampness via the kidneys and bladder, helping the kidneys to detoxify the blood.
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INGREDIENTS: Pu Gong Yin (Dandelion)
Traditionally used in both TCM and western herbal medicine to support the liver. The liver ensures the smooth flow of energy and blood in the body-vital for fertility. Calming the liver ensures a relaxed and tranquil nervous system. Pu Hong is also said to clear Qi stagnation in the abdomen and digestive system.
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INGREDIENTS: Mai Ya (Barley Sprout)
From a Chinese Medicine perspective, Mai Ya is neutral in nature and reduces food stagnation. Importantly, it harmonises the spleen and stomach, while smoothing the flow of Liver Qi.
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INGREDIENTS: Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel)
From a Chinese Medicine perspective, Chen Pi promotes the movement of Qi in the Stomach and the Spleen; said to resolve Qi stagnation between these two meridians. In turn, eliminating dampness and reducing abdominal distension. Chen Pi is also said to alleviate nausea, digestive pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
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